Make it a Novella or Novelette Era

Ok Budding authors, new insights, high ambitions. Then why is it a novel every time? Maximum authors from India starts his/her debut with novels. Why is that so?


It is not always that you have to write a novel to depict your story. You have novella and novelette as well. I am 19 years old and I started my writing career with a novelette, “Behind her.” So what actually novella or novelettes are-
For that let’s understand what actually novels are. What are the books which are considered as Novels, Novella or Novelette?


It is totally the word count which determines it. The length of a novel is to a large extent up to its writer, lengths may also vary by sub-genre; many chapter books for children start at a length of about 16,000 words, and a typical mystery novel might be in the 60,000 to 80,000-word range while a thriller could be well over 100,000 words.

A novella is a work of written, fictional, narrative prose normally longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. When It comes to novella word count it 17,500 – 40,000 roughly. Above which it is considered as a novel.

But when it is below 17,500 words starting from 7,500 words it is considered as a novelette. My book had 13,283 words. Which gradually made it a novelette.

Many authors don’t prefer to write a novella or novelette because new authors have a broad view which makes them uncomfortable to directly stick to point. Novella and novelettes main theme is that you have to depict a whole story in a limited frame of words.

At the same time writing short stories in India is a bit difficult surf google saying – ‘ Novelette writers in India’ and you can the see the results. Authors write cause they read. But when you have no resource then you are helpless. When I was in the way of publishing my novelette what I experienced is a way different from normal novel writers.

Yes, even I had a broad view but I worked hard to settle things down in a simpler way, in a more confined way. The next challenge is during a writing process. Even If you change a sentence during editing stuff you have to change a whole paragraph. This was the problem which actually I faced. The next obstacle was to complete a story in a such a way that, when readers read it they should never feel that story is lagging or incomplete in any of the ways.
I successfully overcame all these problems and wrote 3 consecutive stories in a single novelette within limited words.

Novelette or novella are tough yet easy to write. Sometimes conveying what needs to be conveyed saves a great deal of time and is also good in its own way. My novelette, “Behind Her” is one such book. I’ve written whatever that had to be written in a limited number of words and much feelings and emotions were expressed in a limited number of words.

I will list out some advantages writing a novella or novelette

1)No fear of publishers Write whatever you feel like and hit any self-publishing company. They will publish your short story. As it was tough earlier, you couldn’t be published unless you had an agent who could get you a book deal with one of the Big Six. No more now. Self-publication companies changed the era of writing or even kindle edition is always there to help you.

2) Now many prefer to read short stories with full emotions rather than a novel with 300 pages. No more now. Readers now want to read stories which relate to their life. They want to be the part of the story now. No one wants to imagine a story which never happened or will never happen them. I used this formula. My novelette resemblance the love stories of nearly everyone.

3) You can make it simple, no need to find words with the help of thesaurus or dictionary, Make it simple, make it real, make it touching. You can do magic.

Being an avid reader myself, I prefer short stories, novella, and novelettes. “The old man and the sea” written by Earnest Hemmingway is on the top of my list. It was the last major work of fiction by Hemingway that was published during his lifetime. One of his most famous works, it tells the story of Santiago, an aging Cuban fisherman who struggles with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida.

I’d encourage all writers to write a novella or novelette at some point in their life. For my personal experience with novelette is bizarre. Words and time worked in their own way for me. I had writer’s block but that didn’t stop me from writing. Everyone has the free will to write how much they wish to. And it is not necessary at all times that a book should have more 40,000 or 45,000 words. Most writers are always let down because they feel incapable of writing so many words. Since this not being the case, I’d like every writer out there to know that the number words and pages don’t matter it’s the essence of those words and the emotions embedded in those pages that lead a book to success.



“You don’t need inspiration from the crowd around you, believe me, you have a character to inspire others.”

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To inspire is harder than to get inspired. So runs vice versa. Let me directly come to the point We often get confused with the terms ‘talent’ and ‘Skill’. The talent we have naturally but skill only comes when you rigorously work on your talent. You have to be a work ethic spending each day developing your skill. You have to work when other guys are sleeping you have to keep working when other guys are eating you have to keep working when other guys of your age chilling around.


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Cause the other guys are just a part of the crowd who will spend their entire life-giving an applause whom they considered superior to them I believe you are not a part of that crowd you are superior who is going to receive that applause. Trust me that noise is going to be your favorite music.
Failures are natural but that’s not the end. Don’t be afraid to win big. I know they said “The bigger you are, the harder you fall” Is it true?



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You are an expectation, my friend. Don’t believe when people say “we all are same, we all are born equal.” The truth is no! we are not. Believe that we all are born different and we all are never same.

I am not here to write some false Inspiring shit which will make you feel special, Which will make you feel “yes, I am blessed one.”
Which will make you feel the battle you are going to fight will be too easy.
The war is one sided.
I am not going to say that “You are mightier an omnipotent with faith and courage.”
I am going to  utter some hard truths about this cruel world.

  1. “If you work hard now, it will be easy later.”

    – The truth is – You have to work hard, hard and hard throughout your life because things are never going to be easy for you, not even around you. “So why to work hard now?” It is just because you will get habituated to
    work hard.
  2.  YOLO ( You only live once ) Enjoy life as much as you.
    – You only live once that’s true. But how are you going to enjoy your life when you are broke? Think of it. Money can’t buy happiness that’s true, but being impecunious won’t make you happy either.
    Money can’t make you feel complete I agree but money will make you feel better, at least.
  3. Believe in luck.
    I consider myself a more hardworking guy rather than a lucky guy. Wrote something got it published was difficult task. But I made it though. It asked 300 working hours and I gave it all.


Learn to step back to hop greater distances.
Enough of losing let’s taste win now.
I am saying you this because you and I have one THING in common we both love to win.
Let our name be history to admire before we leave this world. So that our funeral is worthy attending.
And yes at the end, learn the rules before you play.

A sailor By heart

As the sea is quite, at the twilight time. My ship sails forward disturbing the waves leaving the marks behind.
Standing on the quarterdeck of my ship, holding the rim of my ship with one hand and champagne glass on the other. I look at my shoulders as the last light of the sun, reflects my golden badges. The reflection is brighter than the stars which are on the way to glitter up the night sky.

Suddenly glass slipped from my hands. I can clearly see the glass falling slowly into the sea. As it falls it reminds my past. As it broke it totally took where I was from. Reminded me the options which she threw that day. The option which I took made me to leave her. I did the best thing not only for me, for her too.
As a young boy, I always wished of joining Navy as I soon became the son of martyr father. That wish turned to passion. I did most of my schooling which runs under defense. So it was for sure that I was pounded by defense lifestyle. I loved it as this was the place where I belong.

It was the middle of the academic year. It’s very rare to expect new admissions. But she came and introduced herself to the class as Anjali. I loved that name. Before seeing her I was not aware that even eyes can be attractive and make you fall in love. But yes, they can do. Her attitude inside the class was not a friendly at all. She liked to be calm and composed. I don’t know made her. I never saw her parents at any of the teacher’s parents interaction. Even teachers cared least and that is something new.
A year passed and she got more mysterious. She was gorgeous by her looks, So opposite was her attitude. I had a very attractive physic at school, which normally attracted all the girls around. I am sure that even she did. So I went to her and proposed her saying “I love you, Anjali.” The reply from her side was instant saying “Find another one.” That was a shock for me. As that was the most unexpected answer I got. Because I was self-obsessed, I lived in an impression that no girl can ever reject my proposal. I was wrong, as here she is. It did hurt me a lot it not because she rejected my proposal but my ego got hurt. But I was soon fine.

We were in our last days of schooling. Many things changed, even she was comfortable with the environment now. It was our mutual friends who helped us to start a conversation all over again. She was mysterious at the start but as I started to understand her things were soothing. She was always calm by her side. I insisted her to speak out to know why her behavior so awkward compared to all teenagers of our age. The answer which I got was something which I never expected. Even her father was a martyr. Her mother always uses to disrespect armed forces as she lost her husband as he was the only hope for her family. Which gradually made her dislike the forces. The most surprising thing was that her mother refused to take compensation issued by the government. I was moved when I heard all this.
She gradually became closer and use to share everything from thereafter and she said “Maybe you are the only one whom I can trust. You bought a hope with you as you came into my life. Hope this hope stays forever as I am afraid to face this world all alone.” I loved her all again. As the school nearly came to an end we both became enough close to each other that I know what she loves and she knows what I hate. I never shared my ambitions with her as I was well aware what is going to happen. After meeting her she made me believe that I can love a person twice.

My story came to a trouble when I came to know that my ambition can be trouble for her. I explained my dream to her but she realize how much dedicated I am for this. But her hate which she inherited from her mother made her ignore my words. She gave me two options.

first “Either you are going to stay with me as my guy only or
secondly you are going out and serve your country you decide.”

I consoled her told her that it will never be a wise decision to ignore any one of the choices which she gave but she had an explanation of her own. “I don’t want to lose you. What your force gave to me and my mother just a badge pinned to my father body at his funeral and name carved on the stone right? It is me and my mother who suffered every night.” I said “even my dad was martyr what my country gave to me was the infinite hope and we receive a respect from my countrymen which very few earn. Not today but you will understand my word soon.” “So what’s your answer,” she asked.
“I will miss you for sure Anjali.”

Answer me say

Why every question I ask as a different meaning at your end?

Why that every different meaning you understood has a different answer to say?

Why every answer which you answered had some untold words?

Why every untold word made a different story to say?

Why I narrate a story which is totally about you?

When I say you to narrate our story, Why you hesitate? Please say.

Why every story I write has many unexplained incidents which I can’t share?

Why? Every incident in my life is tied to you.

Why am I still tied to you while you say leave me?

Why do you say leave me? While I cry for you.

While I cry to approach you, Why you ignore me, Say.

This is your poem which I wrote for you. Will you be the summary of it? Answer me, Say.


Author of Behind-her.